We also supply manpower for Highway Work like Earthwork, Batching Plant, Highway Road Work, Structure Work, Hot Mix Plant, WMM Plant, and Cement Cutting. We also provide Lab helper, Store helper, Mechanical helper Drivers and other Manpower for various work.


We provide round the clock security services to companies and establishments which ensure that no untoward incidents happen in the respective premises. We provide: We arrange well built and experienced (ex-servicemen) staff. We also arrange for the complete uniform and other accessories If needed we also arrange for licensed firearms. We do surprise checks to ensure that the security personnel are carrying out their


Our organization provides trained and untrained(Skilled,Semi Skilled & Un-Skilled) Labour to factories for machine operation or shop floor as per requirement of your production department. We provide honest labours and workers at any place.


We also provide the service for Horticulture and Lanscaping work. We develop & maintain fresh lawn as per order of admin. Firstly our engineer check the soil quality & its requirement then leveling of land for establish a fresh lawn. In whole work we are responsible for cutting unwanted grass and dispose the same on daily basis. To watering grass beds, plants, potted plants and shrubs on daily basis across all the belt/terminals. We use proper pesticides required for lawn, plants & shrubs to control the pests like diseases, insects & weed. As far as possible disinfection is to be avoided by avoided by proper mowing, fertilization, watering, soil compaction & their control procedures. We also do any other plantation, landscaping and any other job work as per requirement/order by admin.


Housekeeping has a very Important place in factory premises because it is the fist impression of the company. We do all work related to housekeeping. We have good trained labours for housekeeping.


We are specially providing hard workers to all Companies for Loading/Unloading we are always ready for any operation on Loading/Unloading as per Tons or Wages.


Our rates are in accordance with the labour laws and various acts for the payment of labour on contract.

    10% Service Charge running with contract, 13.36% Employer share of PF, 4.75% Employer Share of ESI or Wc Policy as applicable, 8.33% of Bonus, Service Tax as per Govt.Rule.
    Earned leave calculation depends upon the Factory Act, 1948 referred to adult workmen, Who adult workman worked perform in any establishment 20 days they will be getting the benefit of Earned leave for 1 day.
    Travelling Allowance should be applicable per contract workman Company rule
    If contract workman work minimum 5 years in our organization they will be getting benefit for Gratuity Act,1972. Whenever contract workman die during the working period there is no mandatory to fulfill the period of 5 year as per gratuity act there calculation as hereunder Gratuity (Monthly Calculation): Basic+DA+VDA X 4.81% Gratuity (Yearly Calculation): Last withdraw Basic X 15 X No. of Service in year/26
    Room Rent may be applicable as per your existing Company rule.